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Hyrox Affiliate : First entry for Lift Performance

Published Mon May 22 2023 by liftperformance

Partner with Hyrox as one of the affiliate gym. A race that is designed to test your althletic performance as well as your capacity. We represent LIFT!

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To educate Client, first we need to educate ourselves

Published Mon Oct 24 2022 by liftperformance

Taking care of the mind as much as the physical body. We hired a Business coach Melody to help us equip ourselves in the minds of how to operate and corporate a business and as a partner.

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Corporate Training with Under Armour

Published Tue Sep 27 2022 by liftperformance

We are delighted to partner with Under Armour for the workout sessions with their teammates. It’s been a great experience for us as a group, and we have acquired a lot. Thank you for the opportunity and we are excited for further collaboration!